We are often asked many questions.  Click below to find out the answers.

We are a touring show based out of New York City, originating from Sweet Home Alabama, Birmingham to be specific. 
Good Question!
I have three ideas right now:
(One) is a Schedule of our bookings. Check it out often as some details change at a moments notice.
(Two) Is video on the web site.  Click and watch clips from our performances.
(Three) is our mailing list.  We won’t spam you.  Just sign up.  You’ll be the first to know of any major additions to the website, the show, or the schedule. 
You may typically see us performing at theaters, festivals, and universities, however we’ve worked arenas, art galleries, clothing store openings, movies, car lot promotions, fairs, festivals, commercials, street performances, Cub Scout’s shows, strip clubs (don’t ask), bars, night clubs, dinner theaters, Comedy clubs, you name it.  Every show is customized, having a Variety Show makes it easy.  “No venue to big or small.” That’s our motto. 
This is the best question of all!!
We have learned that our fans are the best.  Some of you would actually kill for us.  Some of you have.  We thank you for that.  Here’s what those of you who won’t commit murder can do.  Simply suggest clubs or events to us through E’mail and we’ll mail them information about our show.
The name of the club or civic organization
The dates of the event (if any)
And contact information
If we book an event you recommend, we’ll make you and 2 of your guests our “special friends”.  You’ll get in free, we’ll give you all T-shirts and generally be very find to you.  Certain shows will earn you a 10 percent finders fee.  Just like an agent!
We get this a lot.  The short answer is: NO
We are a working group and that means everyone must be trained and pulling their weight.  If you have the money or the employment to get here, we’d love to help you learn.  You just can’t “crash” at our house while you do it.
Doing our show?  No.
Rehearsing?  Yes.
We often experiment with new tricks, stunts or chemicals and we’ve had some very minor burns and scratches as a result.  We’ve never needed anything bigger than a Band-Aid for our wounds.  Our wounded pride is another matter entirely.
My guess is that either your question was EXTREMELY weird or no one has asked it yet…
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