“Michael is an incredible and innovative performer. He is one of the few who are booked all year, traveling around world performing his shows live and on TV, and being the most humble and kind person, while having achieved so much. I recommend Michael highly. He is truly talented and will continue to inspire and create.” Nina Jafferji,  Make up Artist & Hair

“Michael Saab is a true showman. His performances are vivid, vibrant and a real crowd pleaser. He captivates his audiences with unique and creative displays. Book with confidence, he does not disappoint.” – Dean Formica, DJ\MC\Entertainer at DJ Dean

“Michael is an amazing, innovative performer. I highly recommend his work. He is excellent to work for and to work with.” – Jennifer Underwood, Client Manager at Willis

“Michael is the consummate professional. He does very fun, festive, creative and original work. I have had the pleasure of working with Michael twice overseas in China and it is always a pleasure and always fun to see what new creations he has up his brightly colored sleeve. I would highly recommend his work to anyone”. – Steve Langley, Owner, Fettucini Entertainment


“During the fall of 2007 I have worked with Michael Saab in the same theme park in Japan. I am a professional juggler from the Netherlands. Michael Saab performed his “spectacle entertainment” in this theme park daily for an international crowd of Japanese, Korean, Chinese audiences. I noticed that the crowd loved his show!” – Niels Duinker, Variety Act of the Year 2012 – IMS

“Michael is a fully creative person with a truly individual style of performance. I recommend him for any show or extravaganza.” – Victor Spinelli, Partner/Founder at Spinelli Galleries Shanghai (China)

“I have worked with Michael “Dirt” for years. He is, without question, one of the most exciting/innovative entertainers (artists) in the business. When I book him I know my clients will be thrilled — first off, what he does, no one else does, so they see something they have not seen before, (this includes his spectacular costuming and choice of music), secondly he’s a great guy — friendly, reliable, easy to work with– and to top it off his enthusiasm for what he does is infectious. I’m lucky to have met him and to have him included on my roster of Outstanding Performers.” – Marla Mase, Writer/ Performer/ Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer

“I’ve been to many of Michael Saab’s performances. His crazy costumes and antics always get the attention of large crowds. He is definitely an entertainer extraordinaire.” – Darrel O’Pry, CEO at The Spry Group, LLC. 


“Michael Saab does wild and wonderful work that engages and excites audiences across all age groups and cultures. It’s imaginative, high action physical theatre that I would recommend for all kinds of events. Michael himself is hard working and extremely competent in managing large groups of people and conducts himself in a highly professional manner.” – Hilary Chaplain, Performer touring with solo physical comedy numbers and an hour long solo show

“When I first witness the events that Modern Gypsies produced I was wowed, didn’t expect anything like this, but Modern Gypsies is definitely an entertaining society, I would book them anytime.” – Michael J. Daniels, President/CEO at MDA, Inc.

“I hired Michael to perform at a private club on New Years Eve. He was very professional and held the crowd long after midnight with two encores. The club members loved his act and have requested his return.” – Tom Saab, Chef Proprietor at Bistro Two Eighteen

“I met Michael in China at an AEMI clown festival 2007 and 2008. I loved watching his performances on stage and in a festival setting. His original approach is startling and exciting. You never quite know what to expect! He is a real crowd pleaser. On another level he inspired me with his tales of body painting as performance art. He is very talented and as I said before and can’t say it enough- original. I highly recommend Michael and his troupe of talented performers.” – Taylor Baker, Independent Entertainment Professional


“‘Dirt’ never ceases to ‘wow’ the beholder. Creating an elaborate realm only similar and possibly best described as a good dream.” – Samantha Isom, Photographer

“I have known Michael since High School. He has spent years perfecting his art as well as bring new and innovative ideas to his industry. He has helped paved the way for performers like myself as well as inspired us. He is creative and unique yet demonstrates a high level of professionalism. His show is a must see, one of a kind experience.” – Feenix Fyre, Founder/Performer at Fyre Tribe

“Michael “Dirt” is extremely creative, imaginative and talented. I’ve hired him for corporate events and collaborated with him on several art projects with great success. He is a unique and exciting entertainer, a wonderful designer and an extraordinary make-up artist.” – Liz Bolick, Company member at The Super Scientific Circus 

“Michael Saab is a great showman, great business man and great person. He has always had a great vision which is expressed through his high quality engagements with clients. His never ending energy and wide array of talents is inspiring and will keep you motivated as you search for the best solution to any given challenge. This is balanced by a professionalism and good spirit that is crucial in any successful production. It has been a truly positive experience working with Michael and would highly recommend him and the modern gypsies to anyone looking for the best in spectacle entertainment.” – Shawn Torres, Communications & Design Manager at American Chemical Society


“Michael is one of the most innovative, artistic, talented, and enthusiastic performers I have seen and had the pleasure to work with on a number of occasions. He has a very diverse and creative skill set that sets him apart from others. He also manages others well and is willing to share his abilities with those who work for him. Michael and his company would be a wonderful addition to any event.”Christopher Shelton, Clown at Self

“I would recommend Dirt for any sort of Gig or Job.. He is a great performer and a wonderful person to be around!” – Bronwyn Sims, Producing Director, Actor at Strong Coffee Stage

“La creativida, el profesionalismo, la expectativa y la experiencia de Michael hace que lo recomiende ampliamente. Muchas gracias a ti Michael” – Globiplus Dominguez, Propietario en Globiplus

“Michael and his creations were among the biggest hits of the recent International Clown Festival we performed at together in Hangzhou, China. While most performers were content to work one character throughout the Festival, Michael’s company changed characters often and delighted both adults and children with fresh performances continuously throughout the week. Under Michael’s direction and with his participation, his company exhibits whimsical creativity of the highest calibur. I heartily endorse Michael and Modern Gypsies Productions.” – Aaron Watkins Owner, Carab Enterprises – Wholesaler of Custom Lapel Pins & Coins


“Michael’s skillset aids any creative project he’s involved in and always to a larger degree than his contracted objectives. I have been involved in projects with Michael where he and his employees have upgraded whole backstage environments, refurbishing etc to the benefit of entire casts simply because his standards demanded it.I have 30 years international experience in festival production and backstage management and can say without hyperbole that Michael has a singularily rare combination, of creative, production and interpersonal project management skills that makes any project in which we are mutually employed that much more of an anticipated pleasure for me.” – Martin Ewen,
Writer, stilt technician , clown, pan cultural sociologist , humorist Consultant

“Every time my company worked with Michael and the Modern Gypsies, we were completely blown away. Even after having witnessed Michael’s various acts multiple times, we never tired of seeing them. I have fond memories of watching audience members completely awestruck by Michael and his amazing spectacles. As we learned first-hand, the Modern Gypsies have the ability to make any event they attend stick with you for a long, long time.” – Ryan Hunter, Co-Founder/Creative Director at POYKPAC, LLC

“Michael is a consummate professional and an imaginative, energetic performer. I strongly recommend him.” – Nicholas Moran, New York Actor

“Michael “Dirt” Saab is an awesome performer!!” – Jen Colasuonno Collaborator, Choreographer, Performer


“A superb, dedicated, performer and director. Passionate in all his positions, Michael Saab takes the cake!” – Was That Art ?,  Margot Carr – Owner / Proprietor